Happy 285th Birthday, George.

The calendar notes today, February 22, as “Washington’s Birthday.” There is the universal assumption everyone knows what that means.

There is only so much space in that little calendar square, but the editors could have written “First President’s Birthday,” or “#1, Washington’s Birthday” couldn’t they?
I’m sure his image on the dollar bill, may have led to the misconception that the way to honor the first president’s birthday is with huge mattress sales.

There is so much more to the accomplishments and influence that George Washington packed into his lifetime. The impact of his journey through the Pittsburgh region, when… Continue reading

Weapons of War at Penn’s Colony


Bagpipes in morning sun rise at Penn’s Colony.

SAXONBURG, BUTLER COUNTY (Sept. 25, 2015) – The stirring harmony of bagpipes will open the festivities Saturday at the annual festival that commemorates the region’s early American history of the 1750s. The act of playing the bagpipe was banned in Scotland after the Battle of Culloden in 1745, when it was classified as an instrument of war by the British court. However, a decade later, the ban was lifted when the British enlisted the Scots to fight for the British Empire during the French & Indian War which had its flashpoint in… Continue reading

Deep reds, robust flavors, new vintages, just in time for fall.

Courtyard NoiretOn Saturday, September 12, Wine Time at the Colony will open its biannual outdoor wine tasting festival. The event presents 11 wineries and over 100 wines available for unlimited sampling, including a least two releases of the new hybrid Noiret.

The Noiret is an entirely new hybrid that was developed specifically for cold climates like the northwestern Pennsylvania and New York Lake Erie region by Cornell University researchers working at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. The hybrid was officially released on July 7, 2006. So only recently have those vines begun producing wine, which is now receiving high… Continue reading

12 Wineries on Sept. 12th!


Tickets go on Sale August 1st!

In one afternoon, you can sample 12 wineries from 10 counties. It would take multiple days to drive the various wine trails to visit the same wineries. Wineries are selected for their range of wine making styles. Wine Time includes wineries which specialize in traditional dry wines, to satisfy a variety of preferences.

We welcome back Greenhouse Winery for September. Popular vintages such as Dan Good Wine, and Hoe’in the Garden are among their best sellers. Visit www.winetimeatthecolony.com for more info about all of the wineries you’ll get to sample on September 12th.


Why the artisans matter in handcraft

Ashgrove Soaps : Wine Soaps ~ From the Vine collection

Ashgrove Soaps : Wine Soaps ~ From the Vine collection

It’s good that terms like handmade and local artisan get your attention, but do you really know what’s in those hand crafted products?  Who is making them?

Whether you are buying a milk-painted corner cabinet, a whimsical Halloween sign or something as everyday as bar soap, our artisans truly care that what you take home is the best quality in the materials and ingredients.

Did you know that Penn’s Colony Festival presents the only certified soapmaker and teacher in the state of Pennsylvania?   Ashgrove Soaps and Sundries artisan Lori Chandler,… Continue reading