Deep reds, robust flavors, new vintages, just in time for fall.

Courtyard NoiretOn Saturday, September 12, Wine Time at the Colony will open its biannual outdoor wine tasting festival. The event presents 11 wineries and over 100 wines available for unlimited sampling, including a least two releases of the new hybrid Noiret.

The Noiret is an entirely new hybrid that was developed specifically for cold climates like the northwestern Pennsylvania and New York Lake Erie region by Cornell University researchers working at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. The hybrid was officially released on July 7, 2006. So only recently have those vines begun producing wine, which is now receiving high praise for its distinctive improvement to red varietals.

Visitors can sample two versions of Noiret. Arundel Wine Cellars (North East, PA) will bring the just-released Falcon Red, a Noiret/DeChaunac blend with a robust aroma of black pepper with a stealthy taste of black cherry.  And Courtyard Wineries (North East, PA) will bring their 2013 Noiret which has won two golds including one at the 2015 Pennsylvania Wine Excellence Competition.

Courtyard Wineries will also bring Twisted Red, a sweet red wine with a twist of fruit. While Mazzota Wineries (Gibsonia, PA) will feature three new dry reds: Malbec, Petite Syrah and Merlot along with their whites and fruit wines. The newest release from Greenhouse Winery (Irwin, PA) is Harvest Moon, a spiced apple wine. The Pittsburgh winery, La Vigneta will offer two releases for September: Moscato and Artisan White, and will bring plenty of their signature dry red, Sangiovese. Volant Mill Winery, Allegheny Cellars, Wapiti Ridge, Wilhelm Winery, Glatz Winery and Arrowhead are the other wineries which will be at Wine Time, each offering from 9 to 15 of their popular wines.