grounds-rental-photoRent the Colony

The venue at The Colony can host an endless variety of events and productions. Our 75 acres can be customized to meet the needs of film crews, themed athletic events, training camps, and more. Our unique positioning allows access to all the amenities of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area, while boasting an incredibly rural atmosphere. Just minutes from malls, hotels and restaurants, our primitive, natural setting makes the Penn’s Colony Grounds a distinctive alternative to the typical venue.

A Unique Event Space Close to Pittsburgh

Just minutes north of Pittsburgh and east of Cranberry Township, the Penn’s Colony Festival Grounds are situated in the rural horse country of southeast Butler County. The 75 acre property offers 60 acres of nearly level, grassy meadow-like fields. Ten of the remaining acres showcase a tree-lined, park-like event setting complete with 20-foot-wide gravel-roadways, grass-lined exhibit areas, and municipal water and electrical service access. Boundaries of woodlands and cornrows (in the summer and fall) provide a natural insulation and boundary that surrounds events.

Our Facilities

The property was developed with a design, foremost, that would accommodate the unique needs of the Penn’s Colony Festival and its customers, historical reenactments, and vendors. Our approach is dedicated to preserving the natural environment and creating as small a footprint as possible on the woodlands and meadows.

Parking & Access

The festival entrance is a 3-lane-wide roadway banked by rustic stack-rail fencing. The ¼ mile primary gateway takes you past fields of corn and wetlands, then opens onto grass fields on both sides which can support parking lots or sporting activities. A network of smaller roads creates a natural exit lane.

The Roadway continues into the 10-acre tree-lined event area. The exhibit area features an oval roadway with 2 cross roads dissecting a park-like environment designed for easy vendor access and comfortable pedestrian traffic flow.

Parking capacity is 8,000 cars when utilizing all open grass field areas.

Roads are designed to handle load capacity of commercial trucks including tri-axles and special-event vehicles.

Municipal water and electric service is available within the exhibit area.

Perfect for an Array of Events

  • Antique Shows
  • Specialty Events
  • Amateur Athletic Competitions
  • Themed Athletic events
  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Dog Clubs and Competitions

  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Picnics
  • Seminars
  • Musical Gatherings
  • Retreats
  • Reunions
  • Weddings & Receptions