Penn’s Colony Festival returns September 19, 20 and 26, 27, 2015

It’s the 32nd season for this annual two-weekend celebration that is as unique among other festivals as the Pittsburgh region is unique to the country.

Over its three decades, Penn’s Colony has been honored to be noted by National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, and the CBS News Weekend Morning Show. Currently, Penn’s Colony is the top ranked festival to visit in Pennsylvania by the editors of

And we’d like to start this season, by telling you a little about how it all began. Thirty-three years ago, the country had recently celebrated its bicentennial, but to hometown Pittsburgh boy, Raymond Rush, there was more to that story that wasn’t told.

In the years 1753-1758, many major events that set the course for the eventual founding of the nation had their origins in western Pennsylvania, with the focus on what is today’s Pittsburgh and the Point. However, 33 years ago, no one was telling that story, so Raymond organized Penn’s Colony Festival to share that history of French and Indian War era and to also tell another story about the legacy of American craftsmanship. Working alone with the vital help of a few family members, Raymond launched the festival in 1983.

So what is Penn’s Colony?

With an authentic focus on the French & Indian era, beginning with the 1753 journey of a 21-year-old George Washington through this region, Penn’s Colony Festival weaves history into a colonial faire featuring a bustling village filled with fine craftsmen in the midst of a making ready for a grand colonial celebration.

Yet it is so much more. Like the lyrics of the song…”It ain’t what you do, but the way that you do it…” Raymond’s style and vision make all the difference. Save the dates, and come experience the festival this year!