Why the artisans matter in handcraft

Ashgrove Soaps : Wine Soaps ~ From the Vine collection

Ashgrove Soaps : Wine Soaps ~ From the Vine collection

It’s good that terms like handmade and local artisan get your attention, but do you really know what’s in those hand crafted products?  Who is making them?

Whether you are buying a milk-painted corner cabinet, a whimsical Halloween sign or something as everyday as bar soap, our artisans truly care that what you take home is the best quality in the materials and ingredients.

Did you know that Penn’s Colony Festival presents the only certified soapmaker and teacher in the state of Pennsylvania?   Ashgrove Soaps and Sundries artisan Lori Chandler, says that soapmaking success is more than just the ingredients, it is also time, as it takes 6 weeks to produce a cleanser that is mild and safe for your skin.

Meet Ashgrove Soaps at both Wine Time (Sept. 12) and Penn’s Colony Festival (Sept. 19, 20 and 26, 27).